Serena Brinderson

Serena began her yogic practice at the age of 12, joining her parents in their classes until high school. As time passed Yoga became a ghost as she struggled with drug addiction and depression which eventually brought her back to the Yogic Path. The moment she came into her body again through the Asana’s, or Postures, she felt at “Home”. The sense of the spiritual home gave her the ability to turn inward and let go of the exterior blocks keeping her from “Being”.
As her vinyasa practice deepened, she finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, studied Yoga and became a Yoga Instructor. Throughout the 19 years of practicing Yoga and 14 years of teaching; she married, became a mother of two beautiful children and struggled financially and emotionally in her relationship.
In hopes of gaining more stability, she went back to school to achieve her Master’s Degree in Teaching at USC. Throughout the three years of going to school part-time, being a full-time mom and teaching 17 Yoga classes a week, she began to recognize the lack of support she had in her marriage and in her practice.
So she began searching, yearning for a deeper connection spiritually. In the search she found Kundalini Yoga, which felt like “Home” again that went even deeper. It called to her spirit, the mantra’s and meditations, gave her clarity.
She began to see the hurt, pain and trauma that had been held under the surface for so many years (and had begun 15 to materialize in food allergies, migraines, nausea and pain over 15 years). It allowed her to have courage in her “Truth”. With that she was able to let go of her marriage and go on disability as her health worsened. Through this challenge she learned to nourish herself in a way that she had never experienced.
Through her daily practice of Yoga combined with Kundalini Yoga she began to open up to her gifts as an Intuitive Artist, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. It has been the commitment to her own growth and healing that has been the catalyst for her short film …Hence…, her Luna Art, on-going workshops and mentoring programs.
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Erin Lavinsky

Erin Lavinsky is a Licensed Acupuncturist, NAET Practitioner, and Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Her passion is to help others identify and heal deep subconscious or unconscious emotions and traumas that contribute to disease physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. With guidance and help from archangels, angels, and Ascended Masters, healing with Erin is profoundly deep and life altering.
Erin had life threatening asthma since the age of two years old. After years of western medication, eastern herbal prescriptions, acupuncture, energy medicine, and yoga, she finally healed her asthma after clearing away deep emotions from current and past lives. A balance between addressing the physical and clearing out the emotional debris attached to any disorder is necessary to fully and completely heal.
Erin is able to address each person individually and create their own unique pathway to healing. The pathways or methods may be acupuncture, energy medicine, cupping, essential oils, yoga, mantras, and/or meditation. The final destination of healing is accomplished whichever path you go down as long as the willingness to heal and persevere is with you. May Victory be with you in all areas of your life!

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Patricia Shanks

Patricia Shanks trained for more than 15 years with Steve Eastin at the Steve Eastin Studio in Toluca Lake, and at the Charles Conrad Studio in Burbank. Steve Eastin was the principal teacher at the Charles Conrad Studio. Charles E. Conrad was the teacher designated by the renowned New York acting teacher Sanford Meisner to bring the Meisner methodology to the West Coast in the early decades of Hollywood’s heyday. Students of acting are encouraged to look up Sanford Meisner, Charles E. Conrad and Steve Eastin to learn more about their teaching style. Patricia continues the tradition of teaching that she honed at the Steve Eastin Studio, and she also incorporates some of the Meisner methodology in her training.

Patricia is an Emmy® Award-winning writer, working voice actor, professional musician, beauty pageant title holder and a former television news host, radio show host and Daily News columnist. Patricia has acted onstage in drama, musical theatre and opera, and on-camera in numerous formats. She is a music and vocal director for musical performances, and a voice teacher and vocal coach.

Patricia has taught voice, voice-over, acting and other related subjects in a number of private and public schools and conservatories, including Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts, and the Los Angeles SAG Conservatory. She offers workshops and is a regular speaker for groups such as Women in Film, Women in Animation, International Coach Federation, Media Alliance of Orange County, Media Communications Association International and other regional and national organizations. Patricia is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artist).  

Acting for the Camera
Tuesdays (2 per month)
7:00 – 9:00 pm
$100 / month
Teens (16+) & Adults
Limited to 16 participants
Call Patricia to register: (949) 723-4473